Welcome to Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre


The Pediatric department of Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre is a child & baby friendly department.  The department has Pediatric ICU (PICU) and neonatal intensive care unit.  The department caters to all Pediatric patients.

The pediatric intensive care unit is spacious, well ventilated air conditioned, well equipped area with trained personnel with the nurse; patient ratio being 1:1. A pediatrician is posted in the intensive care unit and is available round the clock. The patients are examined by the postgraduate as well as by residents, consultants offered appropriate treatment and advice in a friendly manner.

Immunization services are offered throughout the week with all vaccines in the VIP schedule and all optional vaccines being offered to patients. Regular monitoring of growth and development is done with most of the patients having a regular follow up.

Services Available

  • Mechanical Ventilators
  • Incubators
  • Phototherapy Units
  • Exchange Transfusions
  • Management of premature babies
  • Feeding Area for Mothers
  • Circumcisions
  • Consultant Outdoor Clinics
  • Follow up for growth & development

We are pleased to introduce interventional endoscopy including ERCP at OHCC