Welcome to Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre

Orthopaedic Surgery

This department is staffed and equipped to deal with all types of orthopedic cases including joint replacement, spine surgery etc.

Treatment Facilities

  • Joint Replacement Surgery (Primary and Revision surgeries)
  • Spine Surgeries (Decompression, Stabilization and Fusion procedures)
  • Deformity Corrections and Limb lengthening procedures.
  • All Arthroscopic procedures (ACL Reconstructions, Meniscal Suturing, Menisectomy etc)
  • Trauma Care
  • All routine Orthopedic Procedures
  • Physical Medicine and rehabilitation


  • State-of-art Operation Theater
  • Remote-Controlled Motored operation table
  • Image Intensifier for better quality of X-Rays during surgery
  • Arthroscopy and its accessories for KEYHOLE Surgeries
  • Spine & Joint Replacements surgeries and Arthroscopy procedures
  • Post OP Recovery room
  • Induction Room
  • Separate Autoclaving Room
  • Faculty Room
  • Residents Room
  • Over head camera fixed in theatre for projection in Demonstration Room
  • Minor OT
  • POP Room
  • Department Library


  • Out Patient department
  • Emergency Service – 24 hours emergency service is being provided both as Out-patients as well as In-patients

Elective Services

  • Carried out in a separate Theatre Complex dedicated to orthopedic department, which has functioning C-Arms, Laminar air flow system and with all the modern gadgets in the theatre.
  • All kinds of elective surgeries like Joint Replacement, Fracture fixations, spinal surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries are carried out.

Emergency Services

  • All kinds of emergency trauma service is being provided by our department along with the help provided by the other specialties like plastic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular and faciomaxillary surgery departments.
  • Emergency surgical care is being given in a separate theatre complex, meant for emergency service which has two theatres and emergency ICU

We are pleased to introduce interventional endoscopy including ERCP at OHCC