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Overview & Symptoms:

Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine associated with the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from injuries to, or diseases/disorders of, the brain, spinal cord, spinal column, and peripheral nerves throughout the body. Neurosurgical care encompasses both pediatric and adult patients. Among the general symptoms are headache, vomiting. Nausea and seizure. However, depending on the type and severity of the condition, the symptoms of conditions requiring brain surgery may differ.

What we offer:

Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre’s Neurosurgery department is well-equipped to manage neurosurgical tumors, diseases, and innate neurological anomalies. Our department is equipped with highly skilled neurosurgeons and operating room personnel. At critical stages, a surgical intensive care unit (SICU) and post-operative facilities are available to provide high-quality care. The availability of cutting-edge technology in our operating rooms enables us to provide comprehensive and advanced solutions to complex cases.

The procedures include:
  • Managing Neurosurgical & Spinal Tumors
  • Head & Spinal injuries
  • Minimally Invasive Brain Procedures
  • Spinal Fixation & Reconstruction
  • Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Innate Neurological Anomalies
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)
  • Post-operative Facilities