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Overview & Symptoms:

ENT employs a variety of devices, and techniques to detect problems in the ear, nose, and throat. The ear, nose and throat areas are interconnected, which means that a problem in one part of the system can cause symptoms in another.There are many different types of (ENT) disorders, and even more distinct symptoms. Not everyone will have the same symptoms or feel them as intensely. In most cases, ENT disorders are treated by a general practitioner. A doctor may refer someone to an otolaryngologist with extensive training, tools, and experience to handle ENT problems for more complicated conditions or an accurate diagnosis.

What we offer:

We offer exceptional diagnostic measures under the expert supervision of our ENT specialists. The department specializes in treating various health conditions through the use of medication, medical devices, and in some cases, corrective surgeries.

These are the specialized procedures & treatments offered by ENT department at Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre.

• Thyroidectomy
• Tympanoplasty
• Nasal Polypectomy
• Foreign Body Throat
• Posterior Nasal Packing
• Repair Throat