Welcome to Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre

Hospital Policy

Environmental Policy

Our mission is to promote awareness of the importance of environmental management amongst its staff.

  • Support the implementation and its environmental policies and procedures;
  • Provide staff with knowledge, education and general awareness in environmental topics and practices;
  • Promote and develop the inclusion of environmental related content within communications to protect surrounding community.
  • Sponsor environmental awareness
  • Control and proper disposal of waste generated at the hospital.
  • Fire and Safety Measures are implemented and mock drill is done regularly.

Extensive Infection Control Program is in place to make the hospital into an infection free zone with the help of our policies and procedures.

Quality Policy

Our commitment is to provide excellent quality healthcare services to the general public at competitive prices. Our main focus is the satisfaction of patients and the consultants. We aim to have state of the art machine and equipment and excellent quality support services. We aim to hire only the best human resource that is trained for maximum productivity and continuous quality improvement.