Welcome to Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre


Cardiac diseases are among the greatest public health challenges of our time. They are very common, costly, disabling and deadly. In recent years, improved understanding of cardiac disease has led to new and effective treatments, offering fresh hope to many patients

The Cardiology Department provides the best of services in terms of accurate diagnosis and professional treatment. The experienced team of doctors specializes in cardiac by-pass surgery, minimally invasive surgery, interventional cardiology, and non-invasive cardiology.

Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre also provides ambulatory systems for emergencies along with non-invasive image processing, echocardiography, stress tests, cardiovascular CT’s and thallium heart mapping among many others. Our paediatric division also diagnoses and treats cardiac issues in new-born and fetuses alike.

The Department has an ensemble of top cardiologists in Pakistan with advanced technology and the best practices in Non-invasive cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Paediatric Cardiology

We are pleased to introduce interventional endoscopy including ERCP at OHCC